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1-Vocabulary Homework Assignment: Weeks 3 & 4 — Typed and Stapled, please!

Note: Please use a “real” desk dictionary for this assignment, rather than the dictionaries found online that often only give you one word definitions (often just synonyms). Work to find the correct definition in the context of the text.

  1. Find 10 words, terms, or people that are new to you from the assigned readings.
  2. List the word, and the sentence (or part of it if the sentence is long), that it appeared in.
  3. Provide the definition, in the context in which it is used, or a description of the person.
  4. Write a short comment/discussion/connection/on the word.  How does understanding the word change your understanding of the text? What did you think it meant before you looked it up? Were you right? What does this word remind you of? What images does it create in your mind? Consider any of these ideas (or others!) as you comment on the word.

The essays are  Shitty First Drafts Anne Lamott from Bird by Bird, Rachel Carson The abligatian to Endure (1962 ) and Aldo leopolnd “thinking like a mountain”



2-Aldo Leopold describes an experience in the wild that began a change in his perception of the role of the wolf in the eco-system. Have you ever spent time in a wilderness area, gone camping with your family? Describe a time when you encountered the natural world — at a park, a campground, or in your travels. What effect did that experience have on you? Have you ever encountered a wild animal? Explain what that was like. Also, how did you feel about Leopold’s actions toward the wolf family? Do you think the justifications he provides for his actions are valid?



Aldo Leopolnd “thinking like a mountain” ^^




3- Write a one page paper that compares and contrasts the benefits and limitations of a PERT chart and a Gantt chart.


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