Double spaced personal statement

Please enclose a typewritten, double spaced personal statement with your application. This information will help the Department of Social work understand the nature and development of your interest in choosing social work as your major. Prepare this statement carefully because it represents an important part of your application and will be used to assess your ability to organize, conceptualize, and articulate ideas in writing.There are two general content areas that your statement should address. The first area relates to your understanding of social work as a profession. The second area should reflect your views on human diversity and how a society might meet the social welfare needs of its citizens. State your responses thoroughly , but as succinctly as possible .Please follow the outline below in preparing your statement :Present your understanding of social work as a profession1. Present your understanding of social work as a profession in your own words2. Trace the development of your interest in social works include:A. What factors influenced your decision to pursue a major in social work .b. How did you learn about this Departmentc. Discuss your career goals.d. Discuss any paid or volunteer experiences in which you been able to help a person, group, or a larger entity body.e. Assess your personal strengths and limitations that you think may impact your performance in social work education and your future as a social work practitionerPerspective on Human Diversity , Social Welfare and Society1. Discuss your views on human diversity .Discuss the potential role (s) society should play in providing for the social needs of its citizens.

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