enc1101 research paper should there be stricter gun laws in the us

Times new roman 12 pt font and double spaced, Chase Creasy in top left corner, under that is Dr. Karman and under that is ENC1101/Research Paper RD, then the date under that

This assignment must have a Works Cited page, at least three different sources, and follow MLA guidelines. Students cannot surpass a total of 50 words of directly quoted material from sources. Ten points will be deducted from papers that exceed a total of 50 words of directly quoted material from sources. No visuals can be used in the rough draft. Rough drafts must be at least 500 words. The Works Cited page does not count toward the word count. Two different sources must be used in all body paragraphs. Students are not allowed to use secondary sources. A zero will be given to any paper that uses secondary sources. Peer-reviewed journals are the only sources that can be used in the argumentative research paper rough draft.

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