eng106 watch the content that each other group presented answer the following questions in 1 paragraph per group

Watch the content that each other group presented. Answer the following questions in 1 paragraph per group, numbering each response and including the title of the presentation with the response. Do your best to provide specific examples from the presentations, such as slide numbers, references to quotes, images, or sounds used, verbal delivery techniques, etc:

1) Discuss how the group presented their lens text and their primary text. If applicable: what did you learn about the primary and secondary texts from this presentation?

2) Did you learn anything about lensing from this presentation and if so, what?

Your responses will not be shared with anyone but me. They will have no influence whatsoever on how the presentations are graded, so don’t worry about that.

Please note slightly extended due date and slightly higher points value for this assignment (as it requires watching and note-taking each presentation).



there are three group

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