english research paper 21

10 page double spaced

Use MLA format for all in-text citations and Works Cited.

Choose one:

(A) Research a precise aspect of an issue facing a certain single geographical area of the world, specifically a certain city or, even better, a single neighborhood or even a single street in a single neighborhood. Choose an aspect of that issue about which you yourself and possibly others also have different, even opposing ideas.


(B) Research one aspect of your life, or, better, even one experience relating a certain aspect, in which you experienced opposing or conflicting ways in which to perceive or understand this aspect or experience; choose as precise an experience and conflict as possible. Select an area that seems to contain an unresolved issue or presents an ongoing problem not only for yourself but for a group or groups of people

Choice Two: An issue from The Norton Reader assignments

As we read various essays from The Norton Reader we will locate and discuss various concerns, problems, issues, and information put forth by the authors. You may choose one such area to research.It may concern an idea, an example, a problem, or information that the author discussed. For example, one essay we will discuss deals with the issue of seemingly arbitrary but

dangerous street violence and its effect on one family. This concern can and should lead to a research question.

Choice Three: a challenge faced by one character or person in one of the books from a list

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