Entire Project… report 1 and 2 are already done… i need the rest of project completed which is 3, 4 and 5 everything needs to be in one big final paper submission

Course Project: HRMIS Data Analysis and Recommendations (Due Week 7)

Note: To be considered complete, all written assignments must include proper citations within the body of the paper as appropriate, as well as a Reference page. Failure to cite outside sources is plagiarism and will be treated as such! You must also include a title page. Do not include pictures or graphics. All documents must be in Word format and placed in the Dropbox by the assignment deadline. Paper mechanics must also be followed as outlined below.

Description & Scenario

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You are an HRM Consultant who was hired to provide some analysis and strategic recommendations based on data pulled from your client company. From the data provided in the following pages titled HRMIS Reports, you will be providing analysis and strategic recommendations.


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You have been given five HRMIS reports containing data about your client company. From these reports, you will provide the following two components of information to your client.

  1. Analysis: After reviewing the data pulled from the client’s HRMIS system, you are asked to tell your client what the data means. In other words, analyze the information, identify patterns, and conduct an assessment to share your conclusions with your client.
  2. Strategic Recommendation: Now that you’ve provided some conclusions, what recommendations would you provide to this company? Thoroughly validate those recommendations. For example, what patterns can you identify from the reports? Would you recommend additional HRM function automation? Explain why.

Grading Rubrics

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The following information must be included in your paper and use the headings outlined below.

Headings Description Points
Introduction Introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. 10
Analysis Strategic Recommendations

Reports 1–5

Overall Input

Provide your analysis of all five reports included in the following pages. This section must apply information gained through your readings and the discussions. You must validate your analysis with information from the reports shared and theory (be sure to cite). After reviewing the information provided below, apply critical thinking related to the data. What does it mean? What conclusions would you share with your customer? What recommendations would you make? What strategic value does this information bring to a business and to HRM? How might this data impact other facets of the business? Not just looking for you to answer these questions, but these are provided for some thinking points—apply critical thinking skills. What theory can you now apply to this assignment?

HRMIS Report #1 Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)
HRMIS Report #2 Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)
HRMIS Report #3 Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)
HRMIS Report #4 Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)
HRMIS Report #5 Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)
Overall Analysis/Strategic Recommendation (40 points)

240 points as indicated
Paper Mechanics

This report should be written as though you were giving it to your customer leadership team. It should be clear, concise, and well thought through. Writing should be professional and clean.

  • There is no page-count criteria for this paper; however, it should be thorough.
  • Include all aspects of the assignment grading criteria.
  • Cite in text when using thoughts that are not your own. All sources must be appropriately cited—use APA for in text and reference list citation formatting.
  • Include a reference page for source(s).
  • Put the paper title information on a separate page.
  • Use 12-point font (Arial, Times Roman), double spaced, and 1” margins as a standard format.
  • Do not include extra lines between paragraphs, and so forth.
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and so forth, will all be taken into consideration when awarding points.
  • Proofread your paper before submitting; spell check is not foolproof.
  • Writing content is critical. If you make a statement, for example, “All people who break the law should improve their communication skills to stay out of jail,” you need to substantiate that statement. If that statement is not your own thought or a statistic, cite. If it is your opinion, state that and explain what led you to that conclusion. Provide enough information to validate and explain the statement.

Treat this assignment as a real-world situation. This will give you the opportunity to practice how you would research and provide information as an HRM professional.

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