essay on food waste

I have to write a 2000 word essay on food waste and how grocery stores and restaurants are the main cause of the problem. In this essay, I must discuss the problem and solution. In this case, the problem to food waste is that grocery stores and restaurants fear liability. As a solution, it would be to implement technology to both grocery stores and restaurants as it helps with organization and other needs. I need to have 6 sources (3 from websites) (3 scholars articles)

This is my outline

Paragraph 1- Introduction (Thesis- Technology is the solution to food waste)

Paragraph 2- (Small Paragraph) talk about food waste and how the U.S must address this crisis

Paragraph 3- State the problem of food waste (if left untreated)

Paragraph 4-Reasons/Causes to food waste (Lack of Knowledge and Organization)

Paragraph 5- Second Reason/Cause from paragraph 4 (Organization)

Paragraph 6-Another significant factor that contributes to food waste (Liability)

Paragraph 7- How the solution will impact these problems

Paragraph 8-Technology and how adding it will benefit opportunities

Paragraph 9-Types of technology that has already been incorporated

Paragraph 10- Solution

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