ETHICSFor this Assignment- Review Chapter 4, pages 45-61 of the TextbookLesson 7 DiscussionHow can people become more moral? Use the information found in Chapter 4 to answer this question. The goal of this discussion is to discuss the basis of morality. (Minimum of 250 WORDS)INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORKTOPIC: Lesson 13 Strengths Perspective/Trauma-InformedLesson 13 Discussion-1After reviewing the above readings about the strength’s perspective, please create a substantial discussion post considering the following question(s) in your post. (Minimum of 250 WORDS)· How could you apply the strengths perspective in your Social Work practice?· What are some of the benefits/challenges to the strength’s perspective?RESOURCES (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)The paradox of trauma-informed care | Vicky Kelly | TEDxWilmington 13 Discussion-2After reviewing the above readings about trauma-informed care, please create a substantial discussion post considering the following question(s) in your post. (Minimum of 250 WORDS)· Why is it important for Social Worker’s to provide trauma-informed care?· How can you apply this information to your current or future Social Work practice?TOPIC: Lesson 14 Ecological Systems TheoryLesson 14 DiscussionPlease review the following information on Genograms: reviewing the readings for the Systems Theory link on Genograms and video on Ecomaps, please create a substantial discussion post considering the following question(s) in your post.· What aspects of the Ecological Systems Theory from the readings did you most connect with and why? Please provide an example of how you would apply this theory with a client.· How could an Ecomap or Genogram be helpful to a Social Worker meeting with a client or family?· What type of information from a client could a Social Worker gather from the genogram or Ecomap? (Minimum of 250 WORDS)RESOURCESIntroduction to Social Work Text: Chapters 4Systems Theory:,many%20aspects%20of%20human%20lifeSystems Theory: Theory:, J. (2014). Essentials of clinical social work. (1 st ed.). New York:How to make an ecomap: WELFARE & POLICYTOPIC: Chapter Nine: Society and How it Changes and affects Social Welfare PolicyRead Chapter Nine:  Society and How it Changes and affects Social Welfare PolicyLesson 7 DiscussionOn one page, discuss the variables that may affect social change which in turn affect welfare. (Minimum of 250 WORDS)TOPIC: Lesson 13 Policy PracticeRead: Chapter 8 of the textbook, pages 41-46Lesson 13 DiscussionDiscussion Guidelines: Your initial post should be approximately one page (250 words). You must respond to two classmates in a thoughtful manner (it needs to be more than “good job” or “I agree”). A few sentences for a response is fine.Do you believe that social justice is portrayed within your community? Why or why not? What can be improved, if anything? If you have witnessed an example of failed social justice within your community, please share it with the class. Minimum 1 page (Minimum of 250 words).Lesson 14 DiscussionReadings: Read chapter 8 of the textbook, pp. 41-46.Discussion Guidelines: Your responset should be approximately one page (Minimum of 250 words)..Your textbook states, “If environmental stressors are the key issue of distress (rather than within the individual), a social worker’s role is to assist in bringing change in those external factors that have a negative impact on the individual”.Describe what comes to your mind when you read this quote – how do you interpret it? Are there any specific examples you can provide (do not use any identifying information) that supports this idea?

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