Event planning 3000words due 26th

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 Drawing on relevant academic literature, industry research and trade press, critically evaluate tools and techniques which can be employed to ensure event logistics are executed effectively to achieve the objectives of an event. Discuss, with examples, situations where application of these tools/techniques might be modified.
Your essay must make full use of the sources included in the Reading Lists below, as well as appropriate sources identified in your own individual research. It must be fully referenced throughout and must compare and contrast the views of the numerous authors who have written on this topic.
The essay should be 3000 words in length and be fully referenced using the Harvard system.  Your work should be submitted online (instructions below) no 25th April 2014.
·         Minutes of all meetings with the team and with the client
·         Written communications with the client
·         The results of your own online personality and motivation tests
·         A personal diary recording the tasks  you undertook and your feelings about the experience
·         An evaluation of your professional strengths and weaknesses and a record of how these have developed throughout the project
       .    analyse their own professional skills, strengths and weaknesses
            synthesise their industry exposure with their career aspirations
an extra email from her tutor:
Hi there,
I have had several students ask about the individual essay for conference planning.
Just to clarify:
This is asking you to think about ways (tools and techniques) of ensuring the delivery (implementation) of the event will be successful (judged by achieving event objectives).  You should think about some of the aspects of event planning covered (eg site/venue, content, budgets, risk, human resources) and think about how you can plan to ensure that the logistical elements of these aspects are delivered according to plan.
You may find it helpful to include examples of different types of events to help explain the tools/techniques and what they help to achieve in terms of putting conference and event plans into action
This is a ‘theoretical essay’, written using a traditional academic style, so you will need to explore literature. 
In the first place you may find it helpful to look at Allen et al (festival and special event management).  The third edition is best because you can look at chapter 12 but if you can only get the 5th edition then look at chapter 15 and parts of chapter 6.  The library has at least 1 reference and 1 3-hour loan version of each of these texts (as well as some to take out for 1 week loan).  I have also put my copy (2nd edition) in the project support centre for viewing – in which case look at chapter 13.
You may also find it helpful to look at Getz (p286-289) which discusses operations and logistics. There are other texts/trade press you will also need to look at but these are suggested to get you started.

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