fences and interview with august wilson

Your initial post should respond to both questions below and should be around 300 words. In your response, be sure to include reference to specific evidence. In other words TEXTUAL EVIDENCE

1. James Earl Jones and Denzel Washington both won a Tony award for their performance as Troy. Let’s revisit Richards’ idea that “there is a point at which the good actor knows more about that role than either the playwright or the director because he is the only person who lives thorough it in relation to other people” (from Classic Clips: August Wilson and Lloyd Richards, Lecture 12: Wilson). In your opinion, which of the actors playing Troy seems to know more about Troy? In other words, which actor captures Troy more accurately based upon your reading of the play? Explain. Point to at least one piece of evidence from elsewhere in the play to support your interpretation of which actor seems to know Troy better.

2. According to Bedford, a problem play is “a type of drama that presents a social issue in order to awaken the audience to it” (1574). What is the main social issue that is raised in Fences? And what piece of evidence from the play (a specific line) would you point to as support for your answer?


Online E book for the play ^

short and quick videos




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