Field Experience B: Using Technology and Media in the Classroom

In your 1st grade field experience classroom, work with your mentor teacher to develop and teach an English language arts lesson or mini-lesson that can be taught to a whole group, small group, or to an individual student using a relevant technological or media tool.You may use any lesson plan template, including one from your mentor teacher.Include the following in your lesson plan:Specific learning targets/objectivesAnticipatory setAn “I do”A “students do”Differentiation strategies for, at a minimum, one or more students with exceptionalitiesA formative or summative assessment that measures whether the learning targets/objectives were met or notIntegration of a relevant technological toolAfter the lesson, debrief with your mentor teacher and seek his or her feedback. Spend any remaining field experience hours observing your teacher or another language arts teacher in your school, looking for evidence of student differentiation and the use of technology.In 250-500 words, briefly summarize your lesson plan and reflect upon your teaching experience. Explain how you will use this experience and technology or media tools in your future professional practice.

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