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I need to post a homework which is a field trip report. It needed to be finished by visiting museum or art gallery in chicago.

Detail:To convince students that the humanities is not suffering, dying, or dead, but instead a living, evolving, and eternal endeavor, students will embark on an independent field trip to a public cultural event related to the Western humanities.  The word “public” is underscored because one of the central foundations of the humanities is that despite our differences, whether they be ethnic, racial, gender, economic, political, social, etc., we share certain similarities as members of the human race.  While the experience of artistic and intellectual expressions can indeed be a very private affair, it also has its very public dimensions.  A sampling of public cultural events related to the Western humanities would include:




write a 3-page, typewritten, double-spaced review of the event for the prestigious.  At a minimum, the review should include the following:


• The Who, What, Where, and When of the Event


• Formal Elements of the Event


• Content or Subject Matter of the Event


• An Overall Rating of the Event in Terms of Stars:





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