Firearms issue Policy and solution

Given the abundance of active shooter incidents within the United States, such as those in Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, and Santa Fe, we are going to explore the public health and policy issues related to firearms.Directions:· First, provide a summary (one to two page only as summary, double-spaced of the gun laws for a U.S. state of your choice).o You must provide the name of the state and specifics regarding Right to Keep and Bear Arms, along with state constitutional provisions, right to carry laws, castle doctrine, and no net loss.o You may cut-and-paste the specifics for each from these websites and others, but make sure to add summaries, at the very least, with how you interpret them.o Some useful websites:!/home/terms-of-access-and-use/· Search and add statistics for your state that deal with injuries and deaths caused by firearms as well as any reports or other research related to these statistics so that you may then evaluate the impact of these policy on public health and health equity.o In this research, having statistics organized by year will be helpful, particularly if you can provide dates of when policies and laws were enacted and compare statistics both pre- and post-implementation of policies and laws.· Advocate for policies/laws/programs that will serve to help reduce the risk of firearms and other devices (e.g. knives, explosives) being used to cause injury, death, and destruction to innocent people in the United States.o Do you choose “tougher” gun purchasing laws? If so, describe your law/policy and advocate for its passage. Propose at least one strategy, though you will likely need more, to identify stakeholders, build coalitions, and try to appeal to those who may oppose your policies and/or legislation because it may interfere with their rights and liberties as citizens protected by the U.S. Constitution?· Describe how you will weave ethics and your research of the statistics you derived for this assignment into the laws/policies you propose. It is a common theme of public health to do what is best for the health of the population, even if it may infringe upon others’ personal rights.· Mitigation/Prevention: What, if any, security policies would you want to pass and enforce in public venues such as hotels, stadiums, outdoor concert/party areas regarding firearms, explosives, knives, etc.? For example, would you propose metal detectors in hotels in an effort to prevent guests from bringing in weapons? Is that feasible? Include at least one page of ideas regarding these plansFormat:Double-spaced, minimum of 6 pages of text total including the summary (does NOT include tables, figures, graphs, etc.). 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Make sure you have headings for each section.

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