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1. “Take a walk around a school’s neighborhood. What lands form do you observe? What are the physical characteristics of the area that make it unique? Designing a learning experience for primary children based on your findings.Draw a map of the area including the school and the surrounding features.  Follow this format for developing your learning experience:Objective (goal):Specific social studies area (Refer to the strands/themes listed in the beginning of the text):Description of the activity:Accommodations for special needs children:Assessment:2. What are elements of a democratic classroom? What experiences are important for young children? How do these experiences teach them civics?Additional instructions:Include pictures of two flags.  Include a flag from our history that is not the current flag of the United States as well as a picture of the flag from a different country.  Be sure you explain the symbols and colors for both flags as explained in the textbook.  Answer all questions for both flags.3.  What are the origins of some of the everyday foods and their ingredients that you see in the stores? How many countries of origin can you identify? What are the implications for the world in which young children will grow up?2.  What are the origins of some of the everyday food and their ingredients that you see in the stores?Pick three (3) food dishes each from a different country.  Follow this format for each food dish:1.   What is the name of the food dish?2.  List the country from which the food comes.3.  List the ingredients in the dish and how the dish is prepared.4.  Tell when this dish is eaten in the culture from which it came (for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, holiday, etc.)5.  What can you teach children about the culture of the country from this food dish? For example, if the dish comes from a country that grows a lot of corn, then corn would be a staple ingredient in much of their food.  Must be a paragraph of at least three sentences.You will have three food dishes and you will answer all 5 questions for each food dish.

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