Healthcare Exploration And Careers

For the attached assignment, you must know this personal information about me to complete the assignment. Please thoroughly read my personal information AS WELL AS thoroughly read the assignment instructions. It gets a little tricky.

My Personal Information:

My desired healthcare career profession is to be Head of Pediatrics, whether in a hospital on the pediatric floor or in a pediatric office.
As for personal characteristics, I have three children. 2 girls, 1 boy. ages 2,4, and 6. Ever since my first child, I immediately knew I wanted to spend my life around children. I fell in love with the idea. I wanted to help sick children, children going through withdrawals or cancer or anything of the sort. Please just add much more details.
Short term goals, I want to get my Registered Nursing License, and work in a pediatric department. I have 1,3,5, and 10 year goal plan. Long term goal, I want to go to medical school when my children are older, and become a pediatric surgeon.
Final assignment MUST include ATLEAST ONE “LONG” PARAGRAPH for each question.

Feel free to go much more into detail with the personal information I gave you. ALL OF THE steps I must take to get to where I want to be. Be very detailed and informative. Academic and Professional Career Plans and Goals

Healthcare Career Profession

At this point, you should have a clear focus and interest on a desired healthcare career profession you want to pursue and work within. It is time to clearly identify your desired healthcare career profession along with the professional characteristics surrounding this decision including the reasons why you’re pursuing this career, how you will be successful in this career, and any possible concerns you may have. Provide your answers in the appropriate sections below.

Desired Healthcare Career Profession:

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Professional Characteristics:

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Academic and Professional Career Plans

Identifying your healthcare career profession is the start of your journey, but to be successful and ultimately work within that profession, you need to build an academic and professional career plan. Based off the content covered and researched in this course, you will create an academic and professional career plan.

Your academic and professional career plans should discuss:

1. The major steps you need to accomplish to work within your desired healthcare profession and the ability to advance within that profession.

2. Current strengths, competencies, skills, experience, knowledge that can be leveraged and built upon for your success academically and professional.

3. Identify weaknesses that will need to be improved upon along with challenges and obstacles that you will need to overcome for your success academically and professional. Also, discuss how you propose to accomplish these feats.

Academic Career Plan:

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Professional Career Plan:

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Academic and Professional Career Goals

Setting goals provides an individual with vision, focus, motivation and an ability to measure progress in achieving a feat or target. To truly be successful with your academic and professional career plans, you’ll have to create short-term and long-term goals so you can have precise vision, focus, motivation and an ability to measure your progress in achieving these desired accomplishments.

A common technique in making goals is called SMART Goal, with SMART being an acronym for: S- Specific, M-Measurable, A- Attainable, R- Realistic, T- Timely. Specific refers to creating a precise goal that is definable, for example “I want to be happy”, would not be specific, it’s too general and has a board meaning. Measurable means the goal should have an end result that can be identified and tracked along the way of pursing it. Attainable refers to the goal being achievable or possibly being too easy to attain, such as setting a goal to study 12 hours a day most likely is not attainable. Realistic refers to the goal being worthwhile and beneficial to meet your needs, for example, setting a goal to swim faster may not help your academic and professional goals. Timely refers to the goal having a completion date that is attainable and reasonable.

Using the SMART Goal method, identify 2-3 short-term and long-term goals pertaining to your academic and professional career plans based off your researched and newly gained knowledge from the course content, research, and assignments. Make sure you also briefly discuss the plan or action items that you will set in place to accomplish these goals and how you’ll track your progress of them.Reflective Concepts for Academic and Professional Career Plan

Healthcare System Overview

Module 01 discussed an overview of the healthcare system, the environments, and professions within it. Reflect on this content and identify which area or areas of the healthcare system you feel you need to research and gain additional knowledge on and why it will help your success in the healthcare field.

Identified Healthcare Careers

Module 02 had students identified two healthcare careers that they were interested in pursuing a career in. Reflect on your thoughts and interests in both healthcare careers including the top traits and features of each profession you found desirable and undesirable.

Personal SWOT

Module 03 had students complete a personal SWOT along with additional online surveys to develop a better insight to personal characteristics and interests. Reflect on your overall impressions of your personal SWOT and online survey results that you found interesting, provided new insight about yourself, and/or will be useful as you progress through your academic program.

Careers That Match Personal Characteristics

Module 03 also had students assess if their identified healthcare careers of choice matched up with their personal characteristics they identified with the personal SWOT and online surveys completed. Reflect on these results with your identified healthcare careers and personal traits- are you confident that your personal characteristics and traits align with your identified healthcare career professions of interest?

Professional Written Development Skills

Module 04 had students work on identifying professional skills and conveying them in written modes of communication through the development of a professional resume and cover letter. Reflect how you have listed these identified skillsets onto your resume and cover letter-are you confident that they will get you noticed by an employer?

Professional Verbal Development Skills

Module 05 required students to conduct a mock interview to help them finesse their professional verbal communication aptitude and learn how to articulate their professional skills in a professional setting. Reflect how you presented your skillsets in an interview- were you able to demonstrate how these skills translate into on-the-job professional abilities?

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