hello is me and here is one more assignment this is the first part of the assignment and i will name it 101 part a

Your topic description should include:

  1. A brief mention of your general topic (e.g., Effects of Video Games) and its significance (why its important),
  2. A specific thesis statement you will support or a specific research question you will address (e.g., In what ways can educational video games improve learning?),
  3. An APA reference list of 8 sources (4 scholarly and 4 non-scholarly) you have found. (Note for your paper you will only be using 6 of those sources – 3 scholarly, 3 non-scholarly) Be sure to apply the CRAAP test when selecting your sources – Be selective.
  4. A substantive evaluation of one of your sources, like you did for the “Non-Scholarly Source Evaluation” or “Scholarly Article Evaluation” tasks. You will get feedback after this assignment is submitted.

Please read the full Evaluating Claims Paper description by clicking on this link: ChAD 101 final assignment Evaluating Claims vS20.docx

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