ecological foot print analysis: footprint quiz: by familiarizing yourself with the concept ofecological footprinting analysis.After you have read the document on ecological footprinting, take a briefecological footprint quiz.Select the country and language of your choice then take the short quiz.  This will give you an idea of how much land and water is needed to support your lifestyle.  As you consider the lifestyle for your ideal city in our class project PowerPoint, this information will be useful in determining population, geography, climate, food, and energy needs.Journal AssignmentWrite (at least 250 words) about your experience with the ecological footprint quiz.  Describe your results and what you learned, how it affected you, and how you believe this information will help you with your ideas on a “dream community” for the class project.    Remember to cite your essay in APA FORMAT and include information from an outside resource of your choice for maximum points.PLEASE SELECT THE UNITED STATES FOR THE COUNTRY AND ENGLISH FOR THE LANGUAGE.APA FORMAT250 WORDS

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