history and future of courts

Key Terms – History and Future

Technology, alternatives, history, and the future. The key terms should meet the criteria provided below:

terms for the different types of technology used in court,

proper names of alternatives to trial,

the name and description of crimes that may be heard in court, and

historical development of the courts.

You are required to use least one other source for this assignment. The additional source can be an academic online Library article, an Internet article, or an article from a professional journal.

For each key term in your PowerPoint presentation, you should include the following information:

the term,

the definition of the term,

your familiarity with this term (i.e., is it new to you?), and

your opinion about the importance of this item in the context of the judicial process.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. All sources used, must be cited and referenced according to APA Style.

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