history discussion question 7

Alright this is the instructions what it should be based on:

“What parallelisms do you find between Mao’s description of the Chinese Communist revolution and Fidel Castro’s declaration of Communist intentions in 1962? What image of the United States and capitalism emerges from each document? How do they compare to the attempts to attract the attention (and approval) of the United States evident in the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and Marco’s prophetic justification for the 1994 uprising in Chiapas? Your response should be a minimum of three paragraphs.”

Information and articles to use in the discussion:

  • Mao Zedong, “28th Anniversary” (1949) – Mao gave the following speech on June 30, 1949, in commemoration of the Chinese Communist Party’s twenty-­eighth anniversary.
  • Vietnamese Declaration of Independence (1945) – Looking for recognition from the United States and other Western countries, the communist Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in September 1945. The following document is an object lesson in the use of Enlightenment ideals, and 19th century nationalism, by colonized peoples. Instead of supporting the Republic, the West recognized French claims over Vietnam, leading to two bitter Indo-Chinese Wars between 1946 and 1975.
  • Subcommandante Marcos, “Chiapas: The Southeast in Two Winds” (1992) – This essay, written by the spokesperson of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), a Mexican rebel movement. In January 1994, he led an army of Mayan farmers into the eastern parts of the Mexican state of Chiapas protesting against the Mexican government’s treatment of indigenous peoples. Read the First and Fifth Chapters.
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