history short essay 3

Discuss the establishment of the new American government. First, address the status of life under the Articles of Confederation. Next, discuss the process by which the U.S. Constitution was created, ratified, and implemented. Finally, analyze the political crisis which emerged shortly thereafter.

Write an short 2 pages essay use the lecture note.

Essays (25pts.)*

Who (4pts.): student must provide at least 4 specific names

What (12pts.): student must address all relevant topics as they pertain to the essay question

When (4pts.): student must provide at least 1 correct reference to time/date (only the year is necessary)

Historical Significance (4pts.): students must provide at least 1 historically significant statement

*All students will begin with 1pt. on each of the essays; each essay should be at least 2 pages in length

There is an essay outline of another topic provided by professor. I uploaded it in case you need it.

I need it by the end of Tuesday(April 7th).

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