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Hey everyone,

The only way to really make sure that every agency between federal, state, and local is on the same page is to ensure they’re all receiving the same training on how to communicate, and to make them all utilize the same platform. For example local agencies can have the same radio platform, but be on a different channel and when they have to respond together they can all switch to the same channel in order to communicate more efficiently. When it comes to communicating intelligence I believe that people need to hold themselves accountable for their actions, especially those who are put in a leadership role. Vital intelligence can potentially save lives and assets so it needs to be taken seriously. If a member of an agency isn’t passing on intelligence that they know is vital they should be held accountable, and if it’s consistent it will start to change. I don’t believe they should go to prison; however, if someone is in a leadership role and has the responsibility to give intelligence to another agency and they don’t “I forgot” isn’t a good enough excuse. I don’t believe they should lose their jobs, but they should be forced out of a leadership role, and step down.

In order to eliminate silos within an organization a few actions need to be taken. One action is communicated a unified vision. Make a plan that works, and stick to it. Furthermore, the leaders within the agency need to be on board with the plan and they need to speak to everyone about the common goal that is shared; which is better communication. Additionally, shifting the agency’s mindset and behavior by utilizing proper training of the new plan will also help while making a change within communicating among one another. The final thing that needs to happen is bringing everyone together so they feel comfortable communicating. This can be done through team events such as picnics, meetings, and even training together within the local agencies (Cornett, 2018).


Cornett, I. (2018, October 25). 6 strategies for breaking down silos in your organization. Experiential Organizational Training & Development | Eagle’s Flight.

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