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1.Discuss how elevated temperature and precipitation could help and also hinder primary

production in autotrophic organisms. Compare primary productivity in at least four

community/biome types, and be sure to highlight both the most productive and least

productive areas; state contributing factors leading to high or low productivity. With a

focus on marine ecosystems, which are generally the most productive: coastal or open

oceanic environments? Also, with a focus on marine ecosystems, which is more

productive and why: tropical, open oceanic systems or temperate, open oceanic systems?

With respect to secondary productivity, discuss ecological pyramids based on numbers,

biomass, and energy. Out of the three, which shows the least bias, and why? What are

the generalizations concerning the different trophic levels in these pyramids, and what are

some problems that complicate the development and interpretation of these pyramids?


Discuss aquatic ecosystems in terms of lotic and lentic types (as well as oligotrophic

and eutrophic conditions). Highlight the generalizations for each regarding such factors

as dissolved oxygen content and turbidity. Also, what affects pH in both types of

systems? Discuss various types (and examples) of feeders in these systems: shredders,

collectors, scrapers, piercers, and predators. Locally (in north Alabama and the southern

Appalachians), what two factors are potentially devastating to native trout populations?

Discuss the domino effect starting with the root causes and their effects regarding the


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