i have 4 questions about 2 chapters for story called the otherwes and moore i will attach the chapters

This week, please read Chapters 7 & 8 + Epilogue in The Other Wes Moore. As you read, take notes on the setting, characters, and important events. Then, answer the questions below. Your response is due by Wednesday, April 1st at 11:59pm.

Directions: Answer the following questions in your discussion board post:

  1. Why did the Other Wes make the difficult decision to go back to selling drugs? Talk about the different pressures he faced and his decision to go back to his life on the streets.
  2. Do you think there were people or opportunities that could have prevented the Other Wes from making this decision? Why or why not?
  3. In the Epilogue, the author notes that he intentionally avoided answering the question about what made the difference between his fate and that of the other Wes Moore. However, he does mention some factors the he believes helped him to be successful (Moore 179-180). What factor or factors does Moore emphasize as the most powerful in shaping his life?
  4. The Other Wes Moore is a novel that shows how two similar lives can turn out completely different. In 4-5 sentences, discuss what YOU feel are the most important reasons that each Wes Moore’s life ended up the way it did. What factors influenced their lives the most?
  5. this is the book link https://cl2hart.weebly.com/uploads/5/9/4/4/59447175/the_other_wes_moore__1_.pdf
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