i have to write a major literary analysis paper on the novel quot one flew over the cuckoo s nest quot with a working bibliography and outline

I have attached the requirements and rubric for the assignment.

Write an essay in which you develop and support a thesis based upon ONE of the following topics:
1. Women and the roles they play in the book are important to the reader’s understanding of the mythic world that Kesey creates. Keeping in mind the time setting of the novel’s events (and creation), comment critically upon the role of women in the novel. You might want to organize by comparing and contrasting the two basic types of women that appear in the book. 2. Trace the references to machines throughout the novel. In what ways does the frequency of them coincide with the Chief’s mental states? 3. Research the setting of this novel and movie. How does the Salem, Oregon Mental Hospital figure into the events and the characters? Why is the setting in that state, during that time period, in that particular region of the country so important to our understanding of the story’s themes and characterizations? Consider that it was post-WW II America, with the war still a vivid memory for each of the main character. Consider what we knew about mental illness at the time(including PTSD). Consider the prominence of Native Americans and their culture that pervades that region still. And consider the role of women during that time period(women were gaining power and status thanks to their crucial role in the war effort). Remember this however: the paper is NOT about the historical facts, but how those facts relate to the novel. 4. Write a comparative analysis of the book versus the movie version of One FlewOvertheCuckoo’sNest. Be sure to organize carefully under each of the main fictional elements: characterizations, plots, settings, symbolism and themes. REQUIREMENTS
Length: 5-7 pages(excluding cover page and WC page), doublespaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font
Research: Books, reputable websites, reference materials from Shake Library- MUST use at least SIX sources- MLA formatting with a Works Cited page and in-text citations. No WIKIPEDIA, SPARK NOTES, ABOUT.COM, etc
Format: Cover page with title and sub-title, student’s name, course name and date laid out on the page
Send: Working Bibliography(include in your bibiography list of research materials a brief summary of each source) and Introduction paragraph with thesis statement as well as Formal Outline. Once those have been approved and returned, you can submit your essay before moving on to Lesson Eight.
Plagiarized papers will receive a ZERO and the student will be dropped from

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