i need help writing a 1 page report

i need help writing a 1 page report for stat

  • Wondering how an Introduction to Statistics course will help you in your job, especially if your hopes for this class are to just survive? To get an idea of how statistics is used in your field, interview a colleague to find out how he or she uses statistics in his or her job. The following questions should be asked:
  • 1. How do you use statistics in your job and what specific statistical concepts do you use?

    2. Please describe a specific example of how the use of statistics was helpful in improving a practice or service.

    3. What background in statistics is required to obtain a job like yours? What other educational requirements are there?

    4. Do you recommend that today’s college students study statistics? Why or why not?

    Comment on what you learned from the interview or what was most interesting or surprising to you.

     1page due in 6 hours

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