impacted the welfare systems as we know them today?

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How has the English Poor Law of 1601 impacted the welfare systems as we know them today? The English Poor Law of 1601 altered the course of social welfare policy and practice and has continued to impact social welfare policy to this day. Choose two of the populations provided for in the Poor Law and trace how services to those populations have evolved up to now as a result of subsequent social welfare policies. Cite and explain at least four social welfare policies for each population selected. Present current issues that can be addressed with the addition of new social policies.

The paper will be 7 in length, typed, double-spaced, in

APA format APA format (APA 6th Edition). The paper must include headings such as: title page, abstract, introduction, first population including the four policies , second population including the 4 policies, conclusion, and references page.

The paper requires a minimum of 10 sources, eight of which must be from professional journals or books. Texts can be used but will not count among the 10 sources. Students are not allowed to use Wikipedia as one of the sources. Other sources of information may be interviews, popular magazines, television news programs, etc.

You need to choose four social welfare policies that impact orphans and four that impact people with disabilities. Start the paper with an Introduction to the Elizabethan Poor Laws. Then begin with your first population. Present a brief description of your population. Then, present the policies, starting with the earliest and ending with the most recent. Describe each policy and explain its impact on the population. Do the same for your second population. End the paper with a conclusion/summary. Don’t forget the abstract and be sure to use your APA format.

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