Impacts on Early Emotional Development

Consider this BLOG IDEA:Go to the UNICEF website located at (originally called the “United Nations International  Children’s Emergency Fund”) is part of the United Nations and is the  largest global organization working especially for children. Since 1946,  UNICEF has been a driving force in providing long-term humanitarian and  developmental assistance to children in war-torn and developing  countries. Today, UNICEFfights for every child’s right to survive and  thrive into adulthood. Itis the international authority on children.In the “Countries by region” area of the website, choose one of the eight regions of the world to investigate.Find and click on the “Regional office website” link. This link can be found on the right side of the web page.Look the regional site. Look for information on specific  challenges in the area that would affect the emotional development of children living in this region.Then consider the information below:Share the area of the world chosen well-being and why.Describe in detail some of the challenges that children in this region of the world are confronting.Explain how these experiences might have an effect on children’s emotional wellbeing and development.Include a personal and professional reflection. Discuss the  insights you gained and the influences they may have on you as an early childhood professional.

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