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Topic 2: Information Systems

Are information systems a strategic weapon or a survival tool?

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only

Posted 1

Hey everyone,

I believe that information systems can be both a strategic weapon and

survival tool, depending on how it is used. Rainer and Prince described

information systems as a way to collect, process, store, analyze, and

disseminate information for a specific purpose. An example of using it

as a survival tool is analyzing the previous processes conducted by the

company and adjusting the strategy. A strategic weapon would be when a

company collects information from the processes of a competitor and

re-evaluates their own position.

Posted 2

I believe information systems are use as a survival tool. For businesses

small and large, they rely on informational systems to grow the

business. A genius in a system is what I call it. It does the work for

you by tracking sales, inventory, and making predictions based on the

data to help you thrive your business.

Posted 3

I believe that Information Systems (IS) can be both a strategic weapon

and a survival tool. Just depending on where you are with your business.

Many businesses use IT/IS to maintain the success of their company,

while other need IT/IS to keep their company afloat. IT/IS defiantly is

vital to lots of companies around the globe. Without it most wouldn’t be

able to survive.

Using IT/IS helps a business in multiple areas. IS plays a very important role. To have a successful business you would need a good process. The IS can capture and stores vital information. Also communicating between processes and sharing data. With the business process, IS ensures the processes are running smoothly, for the purpose of a successful outcome. If the IS isn’t working, then the processes aren’t being fulfilled.

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