Introduction to Public Relations Theory

Four-pagePaper on Historical Figure/Event in Public Relations HistoryAfter watching “A Walk Through the 20th Century: The Image Makers”Link: video and reading Chapter 4 “Historical Origins and Evolution” “Effective Public Relations,” 11th edition, Glen M. Broom and Bey-Ling Sha please find an interesting public relations historicperson, or eventthat has had a significant impact on the PR profession and write a detailed, four-page double-spaced paper about thatpersonorevent.Be sure to provide examples of thespecific impacts this person has had on the PR industry and how they helped to influence the professionsuch as: started the first international PR agency, paved the way for women in the public relations field, promoted some of the biggest consumer brands in history such as Coca-Cola, etc.Format your paper in AP, APA, or MLA format.  Please include aseparateWorks Cited (References) page and include 3-5 professional sources.  Citations should also be cited in the body of your paper.  Professional sources for this assignment may include relevant industry trade publications such as PRWeek, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc., as well as news publications such as The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, etc., in addition to scholarly journals.  Wikipedia may be consulted, but it is not considered a professional source and should not be counted toward your 3-5 professional sources.Please pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation and have your paper proofread before submitting it. Points will be deducted for unprofessional work/typos.Please address the following in your paper and section your paper with the following section headers:1) Overview on this historical figure and/or event (who are they, who did they work for, what projects did they work on, what did they do?)2) Why this person and/or event is interesting to you3) What significance/impact does this person/event have on the field of public relations? (Why should we care about this person and/or event?)Excellent Ratings: Met all criteria and exhibited comprehensive & thoughtful analysis.For full points:Evaluation/Grading:(Followed instructions, comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of the topic, no spelling, or grammatical errors).

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