Language and Literacy

Hello,Attached you will find the chart that needs to be completed for the M1 section only (in pink), 2 ppts. and listed below is a link to a you tube video.Notes/Instructions from the teacher:A great deal of reading instruction is understanding the definitions of the abundance of terms used under this category, the scope and sequence of instruction, explicit and implicit instruction and opportunity for students to engage with their newly developed skills, levels of complexity what allows you to plan for growth and remediation. The resources this week provide an in-depth and concentrated exposure to all of these concepts and are full of rich information, including definitions and classroom teaching practices.Your work for this week is to begin a personalized “file” of information that categorizes and provides an explicit and implicit approach that you may use in your as you gain a better understanding of the process of teaching, assessing, and remediating phonics instruction for your students. This document will be invaluable to you as you prepare for the licensure exams in reading.Attached is a chart that includes the terms you will encounter in this week’s readings. Begin to fill out the chart from the multiple resources provided. You will only fill out the chart for Module 1 at this time.Please note: The information you are including must be in your own words, as there is no value in just copy/pasting information.

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