latin american politics midterm

  1. How did colonialism introduce a pattern of inequality in Latin America that would persist into the present?
  2. Latin American criollos (creoles) came to want independence -that is, territorial sovereignty. What did most of them not want to happen with independence?
  3. How did the phenomena of caudillos or coroneles first arise in Latin America? How would you explain the role of such figures in nineteenth century Latin America?
  4. List at least three important ways in which the Latin American society of the early 1900’s was different from that of Latin America around 1800.
  5. What is populism? What characterized populist leaders in Latin America during the twentieth century?
  6. Why were Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) policies not successful in most Latin American countries? Cite at least one example.
  7. What are the key ways in which modernization and dependency theory differ?
  8. Did neoliberal economic policies implemented in Latin America in the 1990’s strengthen or weaken existing levels of inequality? Explain.
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