learning from work experience 1

This paper, professionally written, in accordance with acceptable English grammar, spelling, and punctuation, should synthesize what you learned from your 1,000 hour professional work experiences(work in the hotel and work in the school dinning hall). You are expected to reference what you learned (i.e., technical skills, soft skills, professional etiquette and work ethos for each position), how these learning outcomes related to your course work, and lastly what these lessons mean to your future career.

The expectation is that to do the above well, thoughtfully, and successfully, you would need about four (4) to five pages of typed, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, New Times Roman font of text. Your name and page numbers should be on each page (use the Header or Footer tool to do so).

There is a general writing rubric posted here and I expect you will be thoughtful. Try to minimize the first person, meaning, not every sentences should be constructed as “I learned…I was….I did….” Try to vary and be introspective. Avoid superlatives, such as “very, always, ultimate” . I know this exercise will be revealing and hope it is deeply instructive to your professional growth.

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