LGBTQ reflection


Michelle Colarusso Ph.D., LPC

Therapy with LGBTQ Teens

Childhood Development

Family of Origin

Trauma Growing Up

Coming Out

Suicide Rates

Self Harm

Sexual Harassment


Basic Truths of Therapy

Loneliness and Social Isolation

Feelings of Endangerment

Risk of Suicide

Coming Out is Key

Sexual Orientation

Helping Parents of LGBTQ Teens

Accepting Parents

Rejection = Higher Risk of Suicide

Being Realistic

Talking about Sex


Teens Change

Therapist Assessment

How Supportive is the Family?

How Supportive is the Church?

Homophobic Community?

Environments of the Teens?

What is happening now?

Breaking down walls of isolation

Ethical/Legal issues

Social Media and Teens

What is the influence?


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