literature review 419

In this paper, you will review at least 3 journal articles form ONE TOPIC AREA (Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Job Stress, Job Engagement, Organizational Fairness, Work-Life Balance, or Job-Culture Fit) which relates to your research. The purpose of this paper is to become familiar with your topic area of research.

For EACH JOURNAL ARTICLE, the following format/subheadings should be followed in this paper.

EACH article review should be written in the following format (subheadings):

  1. Citation/Source in APA format (Name of Article, Author’s name)
  2. Major Thesis -a summary of the article & main points
  3. Utility – How useful is the article? How can you apply what you read in your own work environment or situation? Provide example.
  4. Conclusion

Papers require a cover page and a separate References page (not including the required page minimum). Papers should include in-text citations and references, as appropriate. Papers must be written in APA writing format. This includes double-spacing and page numbers.

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