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– These are very strict guidelines that must be followed.
– All work must be original.
– Any plagiarized work will result in an IMMEDIATE bad review & refund.
– Any mediocre work will result in the same consequence.
– Paper should be about 3 pages of QUALITY work.

Assignment is as follows:

    Take a look at a branded product, that is, not a generic category like “toothpaste” but a specific one, such as “Crest” and then do a thorough discuss of the 4- P’s of marketing (product, pricing, placement, promotion). For the purposes of efficiency, I am going to narrow the field of option to the following categories: smartphones; retailers/designers; transportation (airlines, taxi/Uber, train, bus); upcoming television or movie event such as SuperBowl.
Select a specific product from just one of these categories (such as I Phone 6 from smartphones, Macy’s from retailers,  or SuperBowl from media event).
    Next you will discuss how this product has been marketed to the selected demographic(s) by considering all 4 P’s.  If you cannot locate this product in all 4 P’s, then I suggest that you select a different product.  You MAY include a bit of background research, but no more than half a page or so as this is really to be about YOUR observations and insights as to how/why the brand has chosen to market this product in this manner. Remember to locate the promotional materials as well – advertising and promotion as well as any PR if you are able to locate any (advertising is a PAID means of influencing consumer purchases while PR is not paid but rather picked up and covered by the media outlets as a worthwhile statement such as “Don’t Drink and Drive”).

Grammatical construction and spelling WILL be considered in the grading.ʉ۬

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