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In many organizations, the assignment and completion of team-based projects are increasingly done without any of the participants physically meeting. The use of technology, such as teleconferences, video-teleconferences, and computer technology has allowed organizations to reduce the costs of sending employees cross-country or even overseas. To be successful in this kind of environment, you need the ability to work with distant team members. This assignment provides the experience necessary to help you gain that skill.

The Assignment

You will work with other classmates to complete a Collaborative Marketing Plan that introduces a new product by an existing Fortune 500 company. If your team has an idea that would be a great fit for any company (perhaps even one that a group member is working for), be sure to seek the instructor’s permission before you implement it. Keep in mind that it is usually difficult to research smaller companies (especially those that are privately held unless you work for one and have good internal sources of information). You can change the name of the company if you wish to disguise the discussion of their strengths, weaknesses, or other “possibly sensitive” information.

Your groups will be formed during the first week of class per the instructor. Once you are notified of your group, begin working together on your Collaborative Marketing Plan. Please conduct all work on this plan in your Group Discussion Board (DB).

Your group will need to elect a project leader, set goals and milestones, and use creativity in this endeavor to develop and apply skills in a similar manner to real-world situations. It is critical that each member participates in group activities. To do less deprives every member, including the one who fails in his or her responsibility to the group. In general, it is the responsibility of the group to enforce its rules regarding completion of assignments, participation in discussions, etc. The instructor will be monitoring your Group Discussion Board Forum on a weekly basis and, as needed, will comment on your postings. Part of your CMP grade is based on your participation.

This Plan will be completed in stages as described in the Assignment Instructions folder. Each Draft assignment builds on previous drafts toward the completed CMP due at the end of the course. All CMP assignments must be submitted via the designated Group Discussion Board Forum.

Researching and Writing Your CMP

In your textbook, Appendix “A” (starting on p. 44 of the text) is a very useful resource if you need to write a marketing or business plan. The appendix contains a discussion of both marketing and business plans and also provides a sample marketing plan for a company called Paradise Kitchens, Inc. Please read the plan from start to finish (pp. 46–57). The plan is broken into 10 sections (plus appendices). You will be required to include the first 7 sections in your CMP. Be sure to write in current APA format with Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spacing, indentation, and consistency in all labeling.

College level writing is expected for this project. Areas where the students have had problems in the past are the following: spelling and grammar, omission of required topics or subject material, omission of outside references, plagiarism, and failure to meet stated length requirements. Grammar is one of the primary problems. Use the Liberty University Online Writing Center as an aid.

CMP Accountability Table


The group concept of the CMP is intended to draw the skill and effort of each student into each draft assignment and to the final marketing plan. Thus, you are required to communicate and post weekly contributions, thoughts, ideas, and other helpful communication in your respective Group Discussion Board forums. Because part of your grade is based on this participation, it must be documented in the CMP Accountability Table (XLS). This table is to be completed and submitted with each progressive draft and with the final marketing plan. One student within the group should manage this effort, accurately reporting individual and team contribution.

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