Please! No Plagiarized workUnit 2: Overcoming BarriersIn your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words.Assignment DetailsYou are the owner of a small retirement condominium complex that is within close proximity to a large health care organization. Your policy is to not allow anyone under the age of 55 to purchase a condo in this complex. Discuss the following:· What type of promotional materials would you use to market your condominiums? Why do you believe these are the best promotional materials?· How might you include promotion of a healthier lifestyle if someone aged 55 or older purchases your condo? Why is this necessary for older adults today?· Do you see where marketing to an aging population is more difficult than marketing to someone in their 20s–30s? Explain.Unit 4: Advertising and BrandingAssignment DetailsAs the owner of the retirement complex from the U2 DB, you are trying to help the large health care organization market toward your homeowners. Discuss the following:What would you do to help the large health care organization market its services to your homeowners?What issues do you foresee during the process of building a trusting relationship between your homeowners and the health care organization?Do you see this creating any trust issues between you and your homeowners? Explain.Once trust is established, how difficult do you believe it will be to maintain the loyalty of your homeowners to the health care organization and to you?What can be done to help ensure that the relationship between the two entities continues?

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