math 100 10 questions 1

The topic of my course: introduction algebra of the real number & inequalities, absolute value function and graph; function transformation composition of functions inverse function and graph; linear functions and lines quadratic functions exponents polynomial; inverse trigonometric functions using trigonometry to find area the law of sine and cosine; double and half-angle formulas addition and subtraction formulas transformations of trig functions….. The more concepts I upload as image below, and I also upload the book in my course.

The expectation of the test is 80%up.

We do not have multiple questions. In addition, my test only has one hour is quite short, I hope you can send me the answer once you finish each question.

The test is on April,9th 9:00a.m. (Canadian time Vancouver)

The length of the test is one hour

I will send you the question at 9:00a.m. Vancouver time, you should online on that time

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