mid term essay 1

Midterm: Researching Topics

Topic and Thesis Question

For this essay, you will have a choice of three topics. Choose one topic and one topic only. In all three, your task is answer the Thesis Question with research from secondary sources.

Understand that in this essay, YOUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT, and should be left out of this process. It is the opinion of your research that counts, so approach your topic with an open mind and let your research be the judge.

  • Topic A: Research the debate regarding the harmfulness of pornographic material to women. According to your research, does its wide-spread distribution contributes to sexually aggressive behavior?
    • **Note: This is NOT a paper about pornography. I am NOT asking you to go and Google search “porn,” which would yield undesirable results. This is a Rhetorical Analysis of two specific article about the affects of legalized pornography on society. NO ONE is being asked to for forced to watch inappropriate materials, which would be a violation of Title IX.**
  • Topic B: Any police officer and lawyer will tell you that the most unreliable testimony is eye-witness testimony. Research the reliability of eye-witness testimony. According to your research, is eye-witness testimony credible?
  • Topic C: Research the gun debate on-going in this country regarding their protection versus their harm to the public. According to your research, do gun laws need to be increased or relaxed?


  • You CANNOT use any readings we have used in class.
  • You must include at least 3 other print sources.
    • These must have original page numbers from their original publication.
    • You will need at least one Book and at least one Academic Article.
    • Books and E-books must be obtain through the SAC Library
    • All Academic Journal articles must be obtained through the SAC Library; articles found on EBSCOhost will count as print sources if an only if they are in PDF form.
  • NO other websites, dictionaries, or encyclopedias are permitted.
  • NO sources obtained through Google and Wikipedia.


The essay should be no longer than 3-4 pages. Your Works Cited page does NOT count in the page count. Your essay must be a minimum of 5 Full pages.

Basic Requirements for All Formal Academic Papers

For any Formal Academic Essay to receive full credit, it must meet the following requirements. Any derivation will result in a lowering of your essay’s grade:

  • Typed, no hand-written essays whatsoever;
  • 12 point font, no other font sizes whatsoever;
  • Times New Roman, no other fonts whatsoever;
  • 2.0 spacing, no single-spaced essays whatsoever;
  • All essay must be submitted online;
  • All essays must be submitted to Turnitin.com and receive a score of less than 15% on an originality report;
    • Essays with reports above 15% will be investigated on an individual basis and may be cleared;
  • All essays must be turned in through Canvas; no email or other digital submissions, except with my permission or by my request;
  • All essay be the full length as required by the directions;
  • All essays, should they require research, must have the required number of sources;
  • Any research must be from approved sources as outlined in the instructions;.
  • All essays should have page numbers and your last name on each page;
  • The essay should NOT have any gaps between the heading, title, and paragraphs;
  • Essays should NOT include a title page (waste of paper) or plastic jacket (waste of money)
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