Model I Culture

The Model I culture is all around us. It is important to consider how these thought-behavior patterns operate within the American macro-culture and global society as well as in other micro-cultures. These cultures may also impact the culture of organizations. Examining evidence of these thought-behavior patterns throughout history also helps us to understand our world today.Choose ONE of the videos listed below, located in the Films on Demand database in the online library. (If the video you selected is no longer available, please select another from this list.) Watch the video, and use it as a basis for your discussion board post. Include the following elements in your post:List the title of the video and provide a brief synopsis of the video.Analyze the Model I behaviors and outcomes demonstrated in this video, using the socio-cognitive systems learning model.Discuss the clues you observed that may indicate the values and deep, underlying assumptions of the people involved.As always, be sure that your discussion is respectful, as you seek to understand yourself and other people!Make Your Selection from the Following Videos:”Big Brother, Big Business: The Data-Mining and Surveillance Industries””A Class Apart””Ukraine: Moscow Rules””Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions””Divided City: The Route to Racism””Plain Old Greed: Wall Street’s Subprime Debacle””The Amish: Shunned””Global Jihad””A Tale of Modern Slavery””Invisible War Shines Light on Rape in the Military””Africa: War Is Business””Geronimo and the Apache Resistance””Last Stand at Little Big Horn””In Google We Trust””The Living Weapon””Temptation””Minik, the Lost Eskimo””Russia Revolutions: The Heavy Hand of Corruption””The Nuremberg Trials””Inside the New KKK””After the Rape: Mukhtar Mai Seeking Justice in Pakistan””The Life of a Black Cop””The Church of Scientology: Religion or Cult””The Untouchables: Money, Power and Wall Street””The Big Lie: Inside the Rise and Fraud of WorldCom””Scam of the Century? Bernie Madoff and the $50 Billion Heist””Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster””Living in the Shadow of Zonolite Mountain””The Untold Story of the Exxon Valdez””Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas””Border War: The Mexico/U.S. Drug Connection””Cover-Up at Ground Zero: Atomic Bomb Testing and the ‘Downwinders’””The Heart of Hatred””Learning to Hate””Madame Mao””Cold War: In the Shadow of Fear—Love, Hate & Propoganda””Cold War: Cracks in the Wall—Love, Hate & Propoganda””Cold War: War of the Words—Love, Hate & Propoganda””The Conflict””The Not-So-Secret Iran-Israel War””Dark Charisma of Hitler” (Choose Part 1, 2, or 3)200 word minimum w/cited references.

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