Modern Philosophy Paper 2

Paper 2InstructionsWrite a paper of 1400–1600 words on one of the topics below.No particular style of references is required. However, if you need a guide, I suggest that you consult Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Whatever style you choose, be sure to give precise references, including such things as page numbers and URLs where appropriate.Information on the standards for grading papers are available: Paper grading guideQuestions1. In Book I of his Essay concerning Human Understanding, Locke argues that we have no innate moral or religious knowledge. Explain and critically discuss his arguments for that claim.2. The summary of section 9 of Leibniz’s “Discourse on Metaphysics” tells us that “each singular substance expresses the whole universe in its own way, and that all its events, together with all their circumstances and the whole sequence of eternal things, are included in its notions”. Explain this view, and Leibniz’s reasons for holding it. Should we accept those arguments? Why (or why not)?

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