Module 10 Drugs and Natural Disasters and Emergency Response

Activities and instructions for three pages of work to add to your portfolio related to the topic above:Access the ‘Emergency Preparedness’ page from the ‘Drugs’ page.Become familiar with the information and how to access related links.Review winter preparedness and other emergency preparedness links.Page One1. Please list ten relationships between drugs and natural disasters and emergency preparedness. This is a list!2. List the components of ‘Bioterrorism and Drug Preparedness’ a.k.a. BDP.3. State which three BDP components you think are most applicableto youand discuss why.Hint: Number this question set 3 A, and 3 B, and 3 C.Page Two4. Review an FDA ‘Emergency Preparedness and Response’ link. Provide a one full page summary of the content.Please double space your response and keep margins at one inch all around.Page Three5. Please complete a ‘Pledge To Prepare’ related to winter storms, tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes.You can use a similar pledge from any U.S. Government agency, i.e. USDHS, FEMA, NIH, Etc.

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