Module 10

Step 1:Choose  and viewoneof the following ad campaign commercials:Dove: Real Beauty Sketches (commercial available on YouTube at, opens in a new window)Smokey II: Prevent Wildfires. Receive a Bear Hug (commercial available on YouTube at, opens in a new window)Apple: iPhone X- Animoji Yourself (commercial available on YouTube at, opens in a new window)P&G: Thank You, Mom- The Winter Olympics (commercial available on YouTube at, opens in a new window)Dos Equis: Most Interesting Man in the World (commercial available on YouTube at, opens in a new window)Step 2:Thoroughly discuss the following questions:Did your chosen campaign involve primarily central or peripheral route persuasion? Why do you believe the campaign designers chose that route for their campaign?Did the campaign effectively use the four elements of persuasion (the communicator, the message, how the message is conveyed and the audience)? In discussing the use of the four elements of persuasion, be sure to address the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign.How would you change the campaign to make it more persuasive?  You must support your suggested changes with social psychological theory or research (from the textbook or outside resources) and provide appropriate reference(s).ReferencesKoch, E. J. & Lomore, C. D. (2009). This is a public service announcement: Evaluating and redesigning campaigns to teach attitudes and persuasion. Teaching of Psychology, 36, 270-272.Important guidelines to follow:Write at least a 300-word, well-developed and well-written response.  Use APA Formatting Guide to create accurate citations and documentation to give credit for any resource material used in your response.

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