module 3 english composition


Implement critical thinking and research strategies for clear communication of written ideas.


Produce a complete 2-4 page paper in which you do a comparison and contrast between driverless cars and/or traditionally driven cars. Be sure to define your reason for writing (thesis), and treat both ideas equally as to pros and cons, costs to promote, validity, efficiency to use, probability of success, and manpower requirements, etc. Your paper should contain an introductory paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraphs each supporting a major idea regarding your point for writing, and a concluding paragraph to wrap-up the paper and signal the completion of your support for your reason for writing.

Although actual research is not a part of this assignment, provide a brief statement at the beginning of the assignment explaining how you would have gone about finding and providing support for your paper.

Grading Rubric







Not Submitted

No Pass




Evidence of Critical Thinking

Not Submitted

No evidence of logical reason for writing provided. Paper lacks clear indication of the subject considered. The following are missing: what points to be considered or how the writer will go about finding information relevant to the topic.

A thesis is not evident or is not appropriate. Both subjects of the comparison and contrast are not equitably described or analyzed.

Some evidence of research methods to be used. Thesis statement is included, but does not clearly illustrate point of the paper. It relates to most of the body paragraphs, but not all. Both subjects of the paper are treated, although not equally.

Some evidence of research attempted. Thesis statement is used and directly relates to most of the body paragraphs, but recedes in importance as paper moves along. Both elements of the paper topic are treated, but not completely.

Student clearly indicates some tactics involved in research on the topic assigned. Introduction clearly illustrates the purpose of the paper and Thesis indicates a “reason for writing” offered and is used to command the development of the rest of the complete comparison/contrast of two elements.

Essay Construction:

Body Paragraphs

Not Submitted

Either no body paragraphs provided, are incomplete, or do not clearly support or relate to the statement of the main idea. Body paragraphs are not fully developed.

Composition of body paragraphs usually appears designed to support thesis as stated; however, some irrelevant (major details) overlooked in the Comparison / Contrast.

Body Paragraphs tie to essay topic, support thesis as stated, but do not always include enough detail and examples to be complete paragraphs, or show comparison/contrast.

Body paragraphs clearly support main idea of the essay and illustrate good use of details and examples to achieve the purpose of the assignment. Student sticks to the thesis support.

Essay Construction:


Not Submitted

No concluding paragraph to wrap up the essay is offered, or the statement provided is not appropriate for a conclusion and does not provide closure.

Weak concluding paragraph exists, but is not successful as conclusion of an essay. Brief or incomplete conclusion, and fails to completely consider the point of the paper.

Concluding paragraph does not quite make clear it is conclusion of the paragraph, or does not wrap up the paper effectively as complete conclusion.

Concluding paragraph is relevant to show review of the Major Point and main ideas of the Body as expressed. Clearly signals correct completion of the essay.

Sentence Structure and Usage

Not Submitted

Incomplete sentences evident throughout the paragraphs, misplaced sentences, and/or sentences that wander off the support for the major points. Sentence errors are included.

Most sentences are complete and coherent; however, some omissions and/or incorrect statements of facts and ideas exist in the paper. Some slang or unprofessional tone may be present.

Some evidence of varied sentence structures used correctly, but some parts of the paragraph body sentences fail to show complex/simple sentence variety and/or support organization of the Body paragraphs.

Varied sentence structure and simple/complex sentences handled correctly. Demonstrates use of the steps of the writing process. Effective use of transitions noted. Sentences in paragraphs belong to show development of the essay.

Grammar and Mechanics

Not Submitted

Many grammatical and mechanical errors in paragraphs and sentences often result in disconnected thoughts and points for a written paper.

Sentences show coherence; however, some do not pertain to the topic sentence of the paragraph, and/or wander off the comparison / contrast of the subjects.

Few minor grammatical and mechanical errors evident in paragraphs that do not seem to drastically distract or change the reader’s perception of the paper’s meaning.

No grammatical or mechanical errors evident in complete variety of simple and complex sentences that illuminate the idea of the assignment and prove the points as stated.

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