monetary policy report

Monetary Policy Report
The purpose of this assessment is to analyze the “Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Report to the Congress” and identify the important economic events that shaped the recent monetary policy.

Assessment Description:
Visit the official Fed website to analyze the “Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Report to the Congress.” Based on your analysis of the report, explain:

  • What economic events were most important in shaping recent monetary policy?
  • What are the Fed’s current monetary policy goals?

Submission Requirements:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document with the following specifications:

  • Font: Arial; Point 12
  • Spacing: Double
  • Page length: 3 pages, excluding the APA title and Reference pages
  • Include an APA title page. Refer to the sample APA title page (please see attached).
  • Cite the source in APA format in-text and on the Reference page.

Evaluation Criteria:
The Analysis assessment will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Did you analyze the correct monetary policy report?
  • Did you identify and explain the correct economic events that shaped the recent monetary policy?
  • Did you explain the correct goals of Fed’s monetary policy?
  • Did you use macroeconomic terminologies in your analysis wherever possible?
  • Did your thoughts flow coherently?
  • Did you meet the page length requirements?
  • Did you adhere to APA standards?
  • Did you adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements?
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