Let’s go to the movies?Discussion Prompt: Since the early eighties, many analysts have speculated that the advent of movie-watching at home on cable channels like HBO or on VHS/DVD (or, looking forward, available for download or streaming) would spell imminent doom for the theatrical experience. But today, movies still rake in millions and millions of dollars in the theaters each week. How would you explain this ongoing profitability? What is it about the movie-going experience that might explain this? What about the experience of watching a movie at home? What are the differences (both positive and negative) between the two experiences? How has the movie industry tried to adapt to the changing circumstances? Will the home experience ever outpace the theatrical experience?General Posting Instructions:Read the discussion prompt completely and carefully before posting. When you are ready to post, click on the forum title at the top left of the instructions. That will take you to the list of threads in the forum. If you are the first person to post, create a new thread. Everyone else should post or respond within that thread.You should post at least three times this week. The first post should be made before noon on Wednesday. Come back and review other posts and add your responses, questions, or commentary a few more times during the week. The final post must be made before 10 pm on Sunday. Feel free to include pictures, weblinks, etc. for people to see.

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