multiple source essay

This unit’s milestone project involves the creation of a five-page multiple source essay. After reviewing unit 6’s lecture videos and reading assignments, complete the following exercises starting on page 435 in Chapter 10:

EXERCISE 34: Understanding When to Document Information

EXERCISE 35: Understanding Plagiarism

EXERCISE 36: Identifying Plagiarism

Upon completing the exercises, reflect upon your essays for this course and create a few strategies you may consider using in future courses as to avoid accidental plagiarism. Produce a five-page multiple source essay stating your strategies, explaining their rationales, and their expected outcomes by adhering to the strategies. (You may even include a few examples from your previous essays!)

If you wish to cite (and reference) the videos for from this course as sources, then please use the APA way to reference a video.

Please note: The required page count does not include the title page and references. The body of the essay must be at least five pages in length.

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