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the topic should be about psychiatric tech/aide instructions belowThe paper must include the following information for maximum credit.History of the assigned Healthcare profession include key people who were influential in the advancement of the profession. Describe how the profession has changed over time.Educational RequirementsWhat are the educational requirements for this career? What are the key subjects to study? Isadditional education required after graduation?• Credentials and state licensureAre registration exams required to practice? What credentials need to be earned? How are the credentials earned? Does the state of Massachusetts require a license to practice? If Massachusetts does not require a license, do other states require a license? Are credentials transferred between states? Example: If I have a license in Massachusetts will I be covered to practice in New Hampshire or is additional education required?Is this career offered at BUNKER HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE? Find alternative schools one public and one private in Massachusetts that offer this program. List at least 3 other choices in other parts of the country.If the career is not offered at BUNKER HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE please identify key classes that one could take to prepare forthis program. Would classes at BUNKER HILL COMMUNTIY COLLEGE transfer?Career Paths- discuss career paths for this profession. Discuss career paths for your assigned profession. Does this require more schooling? Are additional credentials needed? Is a different license needed?

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