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Providing care to others at EoL can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining. Special care should be provided to caregivers and care providers. Review the materials in the module and write about a specific strategy you could use to provide care for the caregiver, care provider, or yourself within a specific cultural group. It may be the culture or group you have selected for your Special Circumstance assignment or the Cultural Differences at EoL assignment or it may be a different group or it may be your own culture if you choose to discuss self-care. Provide at least one clear example about a specific strategy that can be used to care for the caregiver with this group, such as a way to provide respite or to offer comfort during bereavement.

You should cite at least one reference in APA format. Then respond to two peers,Try to select peers who selected a cultural group different then the one you selected.

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