Nursing  Assignment 03: Term Paper: Reference Page

HA4050D – Healthcare LawAssignment 03: Term Paper: Reference PageAssignmentThis week we will continue working on the term paper. The next step is to do research and to locate at least six scholarly resources you may use. We will then cite those sources and turn in a draft reference page in APA format. IMPORTANT:Before you turn in this assignment, make sure that your topic choice has been approved by your instructor!You may use a traditional library or Internet search engines for your research, but you should also use the NAU online library. The library has many databases and research tools not available to the general public. There, you will be able to locate court cases, journal articles, and other scholarly sources. If you need more information about accessing the library, be sure to look for the resources available on the library website, and always feel free to ask a librarian for help.It is important that your sources be scholarly. That means that they should be objectively reliable. Court cases and peer-reviewed journal articles are best, but published news accounts are also fine. Be wary of sources such as tabloid magazine articles, general web sites, and blogs. The library has resources for helping you identify scholarly sources.You should NEVER cite WIKIPEDIA as a source! Wikipedia articles often contain helpful information for when you are just learning about a topic, but because they may be edited by anyone who accesses them, you cannot rely on their credibility for scholarly purposes.DirectionsCreate a a list of APA style citations for six sources you will use in your paper. The reference page itself must also be in APA format. Pay careful attention to page margins, the header, title at the top of the page, line spacing, and so on.Submit this assignment to the dropbox “Assignment 03: Term Paper: Reference Page.” This assignment is worth 20 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.HELPFUL HINTS.Be sure to format your references and your reference page into APA format. A mere hyperlink is not a source citation. If you are unfamiliar with APA format, the LibGuide for this course has resources available for you..Remember that a proper citation should give the reader of your paper enough information to locate the exact same material you found. If you have less information than that in your citation, you are probably leaving something out..If you have difficulty finding sources dealing specifically with your case or issue, do not panic. Your sources may also be relevant to the issues that come up in your case, and you may still cite and use them. For example, let’s imagine you are writing about the Smith v. Jones case, which involves a birth injury. You may only be able to find one or two sources that deal specifically with that case. However, you can cite other sources that deal with cerebral palsy, the safety of C-sections versus natural births, birth injury cases in general, and so on..Remember that any fact in your paper that is beyond common knowledge should be backed up by a source. That gives you plenty of opportunity to find sources that you can use in your paper.

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